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Background Screening is an intelligent solution to mitigate risk

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Background Screening


Our Pre-employment screening services have been proven to be effective for our clients, and benefit them in many ways

Forensic Investigation


To help foreign investors & other clients access information, gather actionable intelligence, protect business interests and assets ...

Due Diligence


The management due diligence process can be identified as an informative tool for external stakeholders ...

Tenant Verifications


Tenant screening provides a sensible thought of whether or not the potential tenant is reliable and genuine.

Brand Protection


We advice on designing and implementing strategies to prevent counterfeiting and piracy

Asset & Skip Tracing 


Finding the assets of individuals or companies who might be evading their creditors in Vietnam,  Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia ...

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Why AnVi Consulting?

AnVi Background and identity solutions help you
build a foundation of trust and safety
for your employees, customers, and partners around the world.

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ANVI company delivers excellence in services, trust & compliance.
A global leader in innovative technology intuitive of client’s needs providing fast, secure, & risk-free background checks services.

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Nathalie, Senior Manager

ANVI help us protect our business and employees by giving us the accordingly information to make great choices

Shama, Research Associate

ANVI - Offering transparency in operations, to apply data and insights to guide, advise, and implement services in the client’s best interest.

Chester F., Product Manager

Hire confidently with fast, accurate confirmation of a candidate’s education, job history, and other credentials


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