Pre-employment test in companies in Viet Nam

Finding human resources is an indispensable thing for all corporation. The below writing will tell you exactly about pre-employment test in companies in Viet Nam.

There are various sectors in the life, so there are diverse companies from small dimension to a big one. Furthermore, both famous Vietnamese and foreign investors concentrate their capitals on the enterprise, factory, corporation. Therefore, employment in these companies becomes more austere than it used to be. What is more important, the employer must take on enough number of staff and the suitable staff for the company’s vacancy. Employment of employers resembles the diffìcult mathematical problem because they must think through how to choose the best way to recruit, how to collect the best human resources as possible. Today, thanks to the development of science and technology, many companies in Viet Nam make certain targets for their employment. The following information is about pre-employment test in companies in Viet Nam.

The writing will focus on some related matters to pre-employment test in companies such as the method of employment they deploy, the advantage of employment, the preparation for new candidates to pass the tests by those companies.

The method of pre-employment test in companies

A great many pre-employment test in companies apply the two following methods few and far between to recruit human resources. Today, thanks to the various procedures, the employer can choose different methods to fill the vacancy in the company. There are two basic methods

+ Internal employment

+ External employment

It depends on the vacancy and the position of the company, it is flexible for the employers to take in the personnel.

Internal employment

Internal employment form is finding the candidates that are available in the company or people in the company for agent employment. This way brings some benefits for the employer such as saving time and fee as well. They will take action in three ways

Employment announcement

It is considered the announcement board for employment. The personnel part can send the letter or email to all of the staff in the company so that they can understand concretely the vacancy and its demand instead.

The introduction from the cadre, official employees in the corporation

The employer seeks the person who is capable of taking over the vacancy based on the relationship between co-workers and potential candidates. A wide range of big companies applies this form. They also give special treatment to employees through the policy. However, these employees must be extremely loyal, responsible introduce talented people to the company. It not only encourages the personnel’s development but also motivate the present employees of the corporation

Based on the staff information from the folder in the staff file

Each corporation designs the staff file list in personnel management software. From that, the employer can easily check the staff’s qualification at random

Internal employment

External employment

On the other hand, external employment is finding candidates outside the company. This method is often carried out through the internet website, the social network, professional employment websites. When the employer chooses the external employment method, he will take some advantages

- Access a large number of candidates

- Variety: the new person will bring new ideas and different characters

- Professional knowledge: the employer will get more experience and knowledge from a new candidate.

External employment

Some tips for candidates who want to pass tests designed by pre-employment test in companies

To get success in taking over unconceivable vacancy in pre-employment test in companies, you need to make a careful plan about necessary things before you find the job. Well, it is a great idea for students who have just graduated from universities because they lack experiences and skills too. The following tips here may help you prepare particularly

Collect all the skills and achievements that you attained

No matter you are a student or experienced candidate, your past skill and knowledge will become pivotal elements that help you reach closer to your dream job.

Find full information about your dream company

It is an indeed important step for all of you to do because you can avoid some embarrassment when the employer asks you some questions.

Search some related information on the internet

It is a tactic for you to understand the employer’s marketing. The thing you need to do is to find experiences, related questions that the employer often asks such as the salary, the future plan.

Find related information to the company

The above writing presented pre-employment test in companies. Good luck to all of you to get the dream job and fill the vacancy.

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