Why are background check companies necessary?

When you apply to a company, you have to send employers of that company your basic information such as curriculum vitae, cover letter, all of your degrees, work experiences as proofs of your qualification… And the company will want to verify these information and searching for even more that can affect the hiring decision. To do this, they usually get help from background check companies. In this article, together, we will find more about it.

To choose the best one, let’s use background check companies.

What are background check companies?

They are companies that provide background check service. It is a process that helps employers find the best and the most suitable candidate by looking up criminal records, commercial records, civil records, education and employment history of candidate who apply for the vacant position.

What is the importance of background check companies?

The fact that background checks are often used by employers who want to know basic information about candidates who want to work for their company. Especially, background checks are so necessary for positions which need high security or position of trust such as in hospital, school, financial institution, government, airport… These checks are considered as one of the best way to judge a job candidate’s past mistakes, fitness, character and contribute to determine potential hiring risks for safety and security reasons. Most companies don’t have enough resources or expertise to do a good background check. Therefore the service offered by background check companies are highly appreciated.

What information does employers get by using service of background check companies?

Identity: Background checks can show employers whether the job seeker is applying for a position under a false identity or not. Because background checks consist of social security trace, verification of an application form. They are information that employer can check easily.

Education and job experience: Background checks also show that candidate actually attended the schools which are listed on his/her curriculum vitae, and he/she really did get any degrees and licenses that he/she filled in application form. Moreover, they also reveal information about his/her past job experience such as: which company he/she worked at, how long he/she worked, how satisfied his/her employers were with his/her performance, his/her salary, job title…

Criminal and legal history: These checks can verify information such as civil lawsuits less than seven years old, driving records, sex offender data for at – risk jobs and country convictions. Moreover, drug and alcohol tests can show employers that whether candidates have substance abuse or alcoholism problems or not.

Using check’s results to get necessary information about candidates.

Pros and cons of background check companies.


For employers:

Increasing work productivity by hiring good employees who have better work habits, work experiences and work attitudes.

Reducing losses because of employee theft, drug or alcohol abuse, workplace violence and litigation.

Reducing training and employee development costs.

Avoiding wasted benefits and improving company’s image by enhancing professionalism.

Meeting customer, regulatory, and insurance requirements.

For employees:

Work in better and safer workplace.

Are better managed.


For employers:

Cost in time and money. Cheap or poorly designed background checks are a waste of money and time of employers. And maybe, in some cases, they are worse than no background check. How come? Because they can give a false sense of security and might not follow the newest country legal requirements. This is one of the main causes that make employers make a wrong decision and miss the suitable candidates.

For employees:

Getting some possible mistakes in the background check.

Some mistakes and problems in the past are being shown again.

Concerns about private information.

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