Why is background check in Viet Nam necessary?

The background check is crucial to every individual because it can affect his career path. The following information will tell about background check in Viet Nam.

A background check is pretty important in most process. Whether it is education or employment, people usually have to go through a background check. Especially for employment, a background check can be really beneficial to help employers choose the best candidate and detect problems that may not show up in CV and during interview. Nowadays, companies in Vietnam have been more aware of this and start to do background checkk more frequently. Today the writing will show you concretely background check in Viet Nam.

Why is background check in Viet Nam necessary

The background always reflects our own circumstances. Therefore, the background check in the world in general and the background check in Viet Nam in specific is a crucial matter. The background used in many situations in the life. Each situation has different traits in the background. For example, when students graduate from the university, they must make CVs to apply for their jobs. If their background check and talent are recognized by the employers, they will take over the vacancies of the companies, enterprises.

The background check before taking over the vacancy

The background check for applying for a job is carried out by the curriculum vitae. In the curriculum vitae, the employees need to complete full information about the main items such as name, year of birth, hometown, family circumstances, relatives, the process of self-operation, reward and discipline. There have been many cases of dishonesty in the CV, which lead to companies hiring the wrong people if they do not verify the information. Nowadays, many foreign investors focus their capitals on the companies, factories, projects in Viet Nam. Hence, the background check in Viet Nam is even more necessary and complex to ensure that the candidates are exactly who they say they are on the CV.

Curriculum vitae includes various languages

The background check in Viet Nam – the important areas

The background check is applied to many different circumstances with regard to the region, religion, race, sex, or even skin color. When you submit a CV to your dreamed company, they may want to perform a background check to verify the information that you’ve provided in your resume. First they will check your identity. Are you surely allowed to work in Vietnam? Is your age showed in the CV accurate? What is your political standing? Are you loyal to the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam or do you believe in another political direction? Your educational status will also be examined to see whether you have really studied and graduated as the information you put in your CV. There is also an employment history check where they check information related to position, dates of employment, reputation, performance and reason for leaving. In regard to this, they may even contact your former employer(s) to verify your past perfomances and attitude.

Beyond these basic background check, employers looking for candidates can also check your financial status or credit reports, to see whether you are responsible of your finance. If you want to work in finance, there may be an bankruptcy check to verify you have not been involved in any bankruptcy case before. Otherwise it may be risky for companies to hire you.

Companies also want to recruit a well-behaved, good civilian for the post. Especially in Vietnam where past criminals are not looked at with good eyes. So in a background check in Viet Nam there will be civil and criminal check. Have you been involved in any lawsuit? How is your driving history? Have you got any suspension? Did you conduct any offense and endure jail time in the past? Some of the answers may not show up in the CV but it can play a crucial role in the hiring decision of employers. Of course there is drug and alcohool test too.

If you work in public sector then employers are surely going to perform a media check. This consists of searching on both printed and online media to see if there has been any negative report about you, your work, or attitude. Basically everything that concerns your reputation.

In a background check in Viet Nam, if you pass all of these criteria, then there is a good chance that you will be called up to a job interview.

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