Corporate Investigation Service

Corporate Investigation Service play an important role in strategy development of the enterprise. It is the way to determine trend of marketing environment, help business company to have necessary information.

Corporate Investigation Service are no longer rare. Due to the fierce competition as well as the sophisticated trickery today this is a crucial task for any business. If you do not investigate carefully, it is very possible that your business will encounter underlying problem.

What is corporate investigation service?

Corporate Investigation is a service offering the process of investigating a corporation, or company in order to find out whether or not there has been any wrongdoing committed by employees, management, or third parties. This service is often called upon when there is a report, and the aim is to find out what happened, the reason for the incident, who is responsible for the incident and does it present any risk. This service is to protect the reputation and integrity of company.

Corporate Investigation service are usually carried out by professional investigators. They examine financial accounts, provide communications analysis, and can interview employees. In case of necessary, private investigators can work with lawyers to gather and verify evidence.

There have been many organizations attempting to carry out the investigation on it’s own. However, no matter how well run they are, they usually do not possess the expertise to execute a satisfying investigation to external stakeholders. That is why they usually seek help from a professional Corporate Investigation service provider.

What can you get from corporation investigation service?

A corporation investigation service usually consists of survey tailored to the needs of clients. Generally, these are investigations of a business relationship, a dispute, internal misconduct or criminal activity such as fraud, or a regulatory concern such as tax evasion or supply chain issues that can affect a company. There are also provide macro-level surveys of industries, markets, and industry-specific risks, such as corruption or appropriation. In general, corporation investigation services include:

• General business surveys

• Fraud Investigations

• Risk assessments and market entry surveys

• Collection of commercial information

• Document verification

In order to conduct a survey, the service provider will collect the relevant evidence by conducting the following activities:

• Interviews and audits

• Look for witnesses

• Discrete approaches for employees or third parties

• Office Searches

• Background checks

• Surveillance of suspicious persons

• Computer forensics, including deleted information

• Full investigation reports including relevant evidence in the form of images, documentation and testimonials are provided at the end. These reports are for termination of employment or for legal purposes.

Why choose a professional reliable corporation investigation service provider?

A professional company specified in corporate investigation will have new ideas combined with deep knowledge and extensive experience, to deliver a rigorous and objective review. The audit process carried out by a professional provider are of high quality. A service provider possess audit methodology and risk management methods, methods of communications to the management and audit committee. They also establish a lot of partnership from all parties to aid the investigation process. Another point is the professional staff with technical expertise and experience with regulators. This industry expertise will be complemented by specialized expertise in related areas.

FYI Group is a trust-worthy Corporate Investigation Service provider in Vietnam

FYI investigative teams employ a variety of discret methods, including on the ground enquiries, checks with court, police and regulatory officials, internal inspections, consulting with experts or relevant persons for the case, and surveillance. We have access to open source information, public record and can conduct interview with relevant parties. We have established a large network to provide us with appropriate techniques suitable for each case.

FYI group is the prestigious provider of enterprise survey services in Vietnam and was highly appreciated by customers due to our quality and reasonable price.

Our Detective staff is plentiful and very professional, with the latest technology and equipment. We are committed to secure customer information, and provide accurate, quick and objective information.

We support and receive requests via hotline, and also face-to-face meeting to discuss the detail and conduct the contract. We are always open and honest in our discussions with our customers and communicate in the way that best suits our customers’ organization.

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