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   Surveillance Service

 What we offer

We conduct surveillance operations for clients either as one aspect of an investigation or as a service in itself. We offer surveillance on mobile targets, including individuals or vehicles/freight, and stationary targets such as factories or workplaces. Past operations have included 24/7 surveillance on a high-worth individual for his personal safety, daily surveillance on a factory to confirm or refute suspected misconduct of employees and surveillance of several senior managers of a company suspected of fraud.

Our surveillance services are limited to certain jurisdictions and are assessed and accepted on a case-by-case basis.


 Our Approach

Our surveillance teams our highly experienced and consist of former law enforcement officials and independent private investigators specifically assembled for each case. Team-members are local nationals familiar with the operating environment. A team-leader reports daily movements and activities to the operation’s manager, who in turn reports to and provides regular updates to the client, typically on a daily basis. Photographic and video evidence is provided, as well as situational analysis.

At all times surveillance measures are compliant with local laws.

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